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Taki-monkey (code name)
- Taki is one of the two Monkeys sent to Earth by the outer aliens in intention to the planet exploration.
He is as innocent as a child. He always smiles with a delightful look on his face. He has a habit which is shaking his head from side to side. He is very strong that sometimes he makes things to be break and damage without intending. He has much more curiosity than Oki, so that he always touches things first.
- She is big spider but she is not interest in eating, he is only interested in building spider web. Her web is very strong, it's almost impossible to get out of the web once you get caught. However, since she hates meat, when the worm got caught on her web, she didn't eat him and instead they become friends.
- Alien worm whom came along with the food supplies. He has a cute face, he has such a strong passion for food possession he eats whatever he sees.
Once his is full, he falls into a sleep within a second, when all the foods are digested he makes a very loud fart noise. Through worm in sleep is very lovely!
Oki-monkey (code name)
- Alien monkey Oki explores the earth with Taki. He acts quite slowly and likes to smell things.
He is easy to make mistakes and he gets scared easily, he has a fear for the worm. Sometimes, it takes a whole day just to touch a can.
Main Computer
- It is a space shuttle made by Aliens to transport the monkeys down to the earth.
It may looks like an ordinary space shuttle though, it is the only one out the whole Alien monkey troupe with a clear object of the visit on the earth, to explore and study the earth.

World-Music + Comedy + Story
The aliens appear at different part of the Earth in every episode.
It may be a peaceful Serengeti plain or a noisy street in the middle of New York City. Or even your neighborhood!

One unchanging rule is that the place will be a symbolic place which can show the characteristics of the music that is going to be used in the show.

The Earth is full of unique sound and the creatures. For us, it is an ordinary time, ordinary sound but For Alien Monkeys, everything is new and amusing.

The music made by the Alien Monkeys based in the different background of the world brings us the 'Empathy' and the 'Humor'.